Interactive Worksheet as Assignment in Google Classroom

About how to create online interactive worksheet as classwork assignment in Google Classroom, and score students' response

What are the steps for creating an interactive classwork assignment in Google Classroom, and how to score student response?

Using our service of worksheet for Google Classroom, you can turn the chemistry worksheet to an assignment of interactive classwork, homework, quiz or test in Google classroom, and score students' response. The worksheet will be saved in your Google drive as a form.

The process of creating an assignment from a saved worksheet involves steps outlined below:

  1. Select questions and save the work, or select a previously saved work.
  2. On the page showing the saved work, click the green Google classroom icon on upper right of the page and select "Interactive worksheet".
  3. A Google classroom login page will show up, you signin and grant readonly access to your class list.
  4. In a form shows up, select the classes you would like to make the assignment, and specify related terms such as due date, total grade points of the assignment, then submit the form.
  5. Another Google consent page will show up, you grant asscess to your classwork, classwork materials, class roster (read only), form, and external access (for geting question related images).

Depending on number of questions, classes and students, it may take some seconds or longer. So, please just wait till the process is completed.

To score students' response, click on nav item "Google Classwork", select the assignment, then the class. This will bring up form for scoring. Multiple choice questions have been automatically checked and scored. Once the form is submitted, grades will be entered in Google Classroom.

Refer to other related articles if you need more details.

How to efficiently make a saved worksheet become an assignmen in Google Classroom, and save you more time?

The worksheet you created and saved can be used to make an online interactive assignment of classwork and homework, or quiz and test. Please read the article "Overview" for the general procedure. This article discusses some practicle issues you may want to consider when making an assignment.

  1. Are you to make an assignment or a draft of the assignment?
    1.1. An assignment will immedialtely show in the Google Classroom as an Assignment and your students will be informed and be able to see.
    1.2. A draft will show in the Google Classroom, but your student will not see. You'll have to through each class to make the draft become an assignment. To do that, in Google Classroom, select the dradt, and click "Assign" in upper right of the page.
  2. Do you want the assignment be graded?
    Make sure to input Total grade point of the work. If no Total grade point is entered, the assignment will be an ungraded work. You can change that later in Google Classroom, though, going through each class.
  3. Do you want to mix multiple choice questions and short answer questions in an assignment?
    Please note: multiple choice questions will be automatically checked and scored, so you can give grades by just couple of clicks. For short answer questions, you'll have to score each of them.
  4. Are you to make a classwork, homework, or a quiz, test?

To make a classwork or homework assignment, consider to enter an due date and time.
To make a quiz or test, you may want to specify an Scheduled date/tiime and due date/time for each class, so that the assignment will be presented to students at the scheduled time. To our experience, Google Classroom may delay 1 ~ 3 minutes when presenting a scheduled assignment. So, it would be a goog idea to specified a scheduled time 2 or 3 minutes before the desired time.

Except for choosing types of questions, which you do before saving or edit after saving the worksheet, all other considerations mentioned above can be specified in the select class form (step 2 in the process mentioned in Overview)

How to grade students' responses to assignments in Google Classroom?

Using edusofttech service to grade students responses in Google Classroom is applicalbe only to assignments created through our service of worksheet for Google Classroom.

To grade students' response, click on nav item "Google Classwork", then select the assignment and then the class.

Multiple choice questions are autometically checked and scored. If there are short answer questions, student response will be presented for you to score. The total score and the grade will be automatically calculated as described below:

By the convention of Regents test, each question, either multiple choice or short answer, is credited one point for correct/acceptalbe answer. The grade is calculated by the formula:

grade = maximal points x (total score / total number of questions)

maximal points is the points you entered when creating the assignment
total score is the sum of scores including multiple choice questions and short answer questions
total number of questions is the number of questions of the assignment.

There are two modes of grading:
1. Grading as draftgrade,
2. Grading as assignedGrade

If you choose "Grading as draftgrade", the grades will be posted in Google Classroom as draft grade, students will not see. You'll have to login to Google Classroom, go through each class and students to return to students and make the draft grade become assigned graded. The advantage is that you can review and modify the grade before returning to students.

If you choose "Grading as assignedGrade", no need of further work on the grading.

How do students response and turn in the response to a worksheet assignment?

Worksheet assignmnet created through edusofttech is the same as other classwork that you create directly from Google Classroom. So, students would response and turn in their work the same way as they do other assignments you create directly in Google Classroom.


  1. To response to the assignment, they click on the form link, answer the questions and submit at the end, as they response to any Google form.
  2. To turn in their response, they click on "view assignment", and then click on "Mark as done".

Please note:

  1. Students have to click on the "Mark as done" to turn in their response.
  2. The default setting is that multiple submissions are not allowed. So, students can't response again after they click the "Submit" bottom at the end of the worksheet form.
  3. If students can't complete an assignment in one section, they can continue to work on that in other time with other devices. Their responses are automatically saved, as Google remind:
    "Autosave your work
    Google Forms automatically saves your progress for 30 days when you're signed in to your Google account so you can work across devices or take a break without losing a step"

Can I edit or remove a worksheet after it's created and shown in Google Classroom?

Google Classroom doesn't provide a method to communicate back to our server for editing or removing classwork you do inside Google Classroom. So, what ever you do in Google Classroom doesn't have an effect on the records in our server.

So, you can remove a worksheet assignment in Google Classroom. The record in edusofttech remains unchanged though. At the moment, no function to remove an assignment record is implemented. This is to prevent from accidentally removing a record by mistake, resulting in unable to grading students response from the server.

For editing, if you are to grade students response manually in Google Classroom, then, you can edit the assignment. But, if you are to use edusofttech's grading, error may occur since the records in Google Classroom and in edusofttech is not the same. In this case, we would recommand:

  1. Remove the worksheet assignment in Google Classroom
  2. Edit the original worksheet in edusofttech
  3. Create an assignment with the edited worksheet.

How do students response to questions that ask for a drawing?

Some short questions may ask for a drawing response, such as drawing a Lewis dot structures of a molecular.

Google form doesn't provide a function or toole for making a drawing as response. So, there is a limit on this. One way to work around: ask students to open a Google doc, make drawing there, and sumit the Google doc as an attachment when turning in the assignment, then you grade the response to that question in Google classroom.

How can I see students response details?

Following the steps below, you can see students response details:

  1. Login to your Google drive or Google form
  2. Click on the form of the worksheet to open the form editor
  3. Click on "Response" in top of the form edioter
  4. Click on the green colored spreadsheet icon at upper right of the form editer
  5. On the pup up winder, select first choice "Create a new spreadsheet", and then click on "Create" at the lower right of the winder.

A Google sheet will be created with the students' responses filled.
The first row of the sheet is the column name,
The first column (A) is the time student response,
The second column (B) is the student name and class
From the third column on are the questions numbers, starting at question number 1, and so on.

From the second row on are the students responses, one student's response per row.

To see a student response to a question, identify the row of the studuent response, say row 5, and then the column with the question number, say column E (question number 3), the student response to question number 3 is at the cell (5,E)

Why do I get timeout error with empty response while douplicated forms were generated.

This is a known bug of chrome browser when generating a large form. What happened was: when a large form is being generated, it took a longer time, and chrome re-sent the request to google server, making it even longer to complete. The repeated requests generated multiple forms, and may lead to time out.

The solusion:
Use another browser, such as firfox.

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