Preparation and Practice for Regents Test

About how to select questions, keep records of your preparation and practice for Regents test.

How can this preparation and practice service help me master the subject contents?

Learning and mastering a subject contents are not something that can be done over night. Learning always starts from the base where you already know. Mastering a subject contents is the result of cumulated learning that covers topics of the subject.

This preparation and practice service is designed to help you learn the subject content on daily base, with the pace of your subject class progress in school, covering all topics in a subject, such as chemistry.

All questions are from previous Regents exams. They are classified into topics of core ccurriculum of a subject. So, you can always find questions of a topic that is being tought in you class, no matter which school you attend, and with which teacher.

To make the most use of this service, setup practice with more or less number of questions on the topic your class is teaching, and do the questions. Answer keys will be given when you submit your answers to the questions. If something is difficult to understand, bring the question to your class teacher and discuss with the teacher.

The important thing is that you do persistantly, day after another. At the end, you'll have gone over all the topics, contents and types of questions you are expected to know and be able to solve.

To setup a practice on a specific topic, do the following:

  1. click on nav item "Setup New Practice"
  2. In the left panel that list the topic, idenity the topic you are learning in class, check the box associated with topic,
  3. Enter a shot name for the work, the number of questions you would like to do at the moment
  4. Click on "Submit"

Questions of the selected topic will be randomly picked from available past Regents exams, and presented for you to practice.

How can I practice Regents test with this free online Regents test preparation and practice service?

There are two ways you can practice Regents tests using this free online Regents test preparation and practice service, as many times as you like without limit.

  1. Use the full past Regents test. To do that, click on nav item "Regents Test Practice", and then click on link to a specific exam, say, "chemistry Regents Exam August 2019". Questions of the exam will be presented, you can start the practice.

  2. Use a mock exam composed of randomly picked questions from past exams of the subject. To do that,
    2.1. Click on nav item "Setup New Practice".
    2.2. Select all topics listed in the left panel,
    2.3. Enter the number of questions like in a real exam (like Regent Chemsitry exam: 50 multiple choice questions, 35 free response questions)
    2.4. Enter a shot name for the practice, such as "Regents Chemistry Mock Test 1", then, click "Save"

A mock exam will be generated and presented online immediately for you to practice. It might be a good idea to do couple of times. Each time, you get a different set of randomly picked questions, covering all topics. You can do this as many times as you like. It's free.

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