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About how to select questions, create or edit worksheet or quiz, print PDF file of the worksheet, or share the worksheet, quiz to Google Classroom

What can I do with the worksheet, quiz editor services?

Edusofttech worksheet, quiz editor service offers tools and convenience for generating worksheet or quiz using past Regents test questions. The service saves your time, makes it possible for you to generate the worksheet, quiz on a daily base for your daily instructional need. With the worksheet, students will work daily on the type of questions both in the format and contents that they are expected to know and be able to solve.

With the service, you can do:

  1. Save worksheet for reuse, edit a saved worksheet.
  2. Select questions by topics or core corriculum standard, key words, browsing or randomly picking up within certain topics
  3. Edit the order of questions in a worksheet
  4. Generate multiple versions of a test
  5. Generate PDF file in regular font size or larger font size for special need of students
  6. Share the worksheet PDF file in your Google classroom
  7. Make interactive online worksheet assignment in your Google classroom, and automatically score multiple choice questions.

How to create a worksheet?

To create a new worksheet, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on nav item "New Worksheet, Quiz", and select a method (browsing, random, or keyword)
  2. Select topics or enter keyword
    2.1. If by browsing, in the topic panel, click the check box of a topic or topics to display the related questions.
    2.2. If by random, like in by browsing, click the check box in the topic panel, the numbers of questions
    2.3. If by keyword, enter your keyword in the search box and click on the search icon.
  3. Select specific questions.
    3.1. If by browsing or keyword, questions related to the selected topics/keyword will be displayed. On left side of each question, there is an "add" button. Cliick on the button to add the question to your selection. Total number of selected questions is shown in the top line right side "Show selected x" where x is the number of questions selected. Never mind the order of questions at the moment, you can re-order that in next step.
    3.2. If by random, querstions of the selected topics will be randomly selected internally. So, you don't need to do specific selection.
  4. Adjust the order of , or remove, the selected questions
    Click on "Show selected x" in the top line next to the "Save" button to show selected questions.
    On right side of each question, there is a "Remove" button and up/down arrow icon.
    To remove the question from your selection, just click on the "Remove" button
    To move up or down the question in the order, click on the corresponding arrow icon..
  5. Save the worksheet or continue selection
    In the top line "work name" input box, enter your work name which will be the title of the worksheet.
    To save the worksheet, click on "Save" button.
    To continue selection, click on "continue selecting" below the "Work name" line, and repeat the steps 2 ~ 4 above as needed.

This, complete the creation of a new worksheet.

Questions of the saved worksheet will be displayed after saving. With this, you can generate PDF file for hand out (click on "Print PDF" on upper right), share the worksheet in Google classroom, or make an interactive classwork in Google classroom (click on the "For Google Classroom" on upper right)

How can I view, edit or remove/delete my saved worksheet?

You can manage your saved worksheet, viewing, editing, or removing.

To start, on the top nav bar, click on nav item "Saved Worksheet, Quiz". This will bring up the list of your saved worksheets. Clicking on the column title of the listing, such as "Name" or "Created Date", you can sort the listing by name or date, ascending or descending.

Before the name of each listed worksheet, there are 3 icons separated by virtical bar, a pencil, a red cross, and a clipboard.

To edit the worksheet, click on the pencil icon. Then, follow the step 2 ~ 4 described in article "Create A Worksheet" to edit the content of the worksheet.

To remove/delete the worksheet, click on the red cross. An alert message will pop up, asking you to confirm the delesion. Once you confirm it, the worksheet will be removed from your records.

To view the worksheet, click on the clipboard icon. Content of the worksheet will be displayed. From here, you can do further work by clcking on links on the upper right, such as print PDF file, share to Google classroom, or make an interactive worksheet assignment in Google classroom.

How can I get the PDF file of a worksheet?

There are many options you can specify when generating a PDF file of a worksheet, so that the PDF file can meet your need or preferences.

For saved worksheet, click on nav item "Saved Worksheet, Quiz", then, click on the clipboard icon (the third icon from the left) before the worksheet name, and then, click on "Print PDF" on upper right of the page.

For new created worksheet, after click "Save" button and the content of the worksheet is displayed, click on "Print PDF" on upper right of the page.

In either way above, the form for PDF options is presented.

If you are to reprint, just click on Submit button.

For new print, enter your preferences, and click on Submit. Some of the options are explained below:

"Size type" -- refer to font size and layout of the worksheet, as the term used in Regents Exam printout. Choose "Large type" for students with special need. The font will be larger, and the layout is in landscape.

"Page header", and "Header text" -- If you want students to write and name and class, or student ID in the worksheet to identify their work, this is where you can specify. Choose "header in first page only" or "header in all pages" and enter a format in "Header text", example:
Name: ____ Class: __ Date: _____

"Number of versions" and " Randomize questions" -- If you need multiple versions such as when giving a test with multiple versions of the same questions, enter the number of versions needed, and choose the randomizing methods.

What is the difference between "Share to Google classroom" vs "Interactive Classwork in Google classroom"?

"Share to Google classroom" is a term used by Google for simple integration of content. It enables you to put a link in your Google classroom, linking to the PDF file source. When students click on the link, they'll be directed to the website of the source provider to view the PDF file.

"Interactive Classwork in Google classroom" is a complex integration of application and Google classroom. The application is required to be verified by Google before it can be presented to general users. In our application, a Google form of the worksheet is generated, saved in your Google drive, and used as classwork material. When students click on the form link, they'll be directed to the Google form, but not outside website, and be able to complete the assignment interactively using the Google form. Further more, you can take advantage of computer for automatically checking and scoring students' response to multiple choice questions.

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