About Edusofttech

Edusofttech is a computer technology and data service provider, originally founded by experienced Regents subjects teacher.

Our mission: save teachers' time, boost students' performance.

From the past experiences, it's know that use of past regents test questions in daily teaching process is very effective in helping students to master the subject content. But, it's so much time consuming to gether related test questions for a specific lesson. That's why the first version of this functional site was built.

We keep pace with the times. Now, the service is integrated with Google Classroom.

We care what the community may need.

  • Need google apps for Google classroom, Google form, Google sheet? we do it for you.
  • Need extract data, images from pdf files? we do it for you
  • Need data analysis using machine learning? we do it for you.
  • Or in general, need data development or ux design? let us know.