Regents Earth Science Test Preparation Practice


    Base your answers to questions 1 on the photographs below and on your knowledge of Earth science. One photograph shows a digital device that recorded several weather variables. The second photograph shows two weather instruments, labeled A and B.

    reference-tables, pressure, meteorology, weather-variables, standard-1-math-and-science-inquery, velocity-slope-sediment-size-channel-shape-stream-valume-distance-from-the-sun-gravitational-force-period-of-revolution-speed-of-revolution, standard-1-math-and-science-inquery, changing-length-of-a-shadow-based-on-the-motion-of-the-sun fig: esci82019-examw_g13.png


    Base your answers to questions 2 on the weather map below. The map shows isobars and seven weather station models. Four of the weather stations are identified by letters A, B, C, and D.

    reference-tables, key-to-weather-map-symbols, meteorology, presentation-of-weather-data, standard-6-interconnectedness, models fig: esci12012-examw_g32.png