Living environment Worksheet For Google Classroom

    "Living environment Worksheets For Google Classroom" is an extended service free of extra charge for registered users. This service enables you to generate interactive worksheet in Google Classrooms that you manage, make the worksheet as a classwoork, homework, quiz or test assignment with due date and scheduled time. In addition, the service provides convenient way to grade students responses, particularly, automaticaly check correctness of students' response to multiple choice questions. So, with this living environment Worksheets For Google Classroom service, you can save much more time.

    To use the service, you need to grant access to your Google classroom. You can remove the authorization anytime through your Google account. Specific need and use of the access are listed below:

    • Get list of your google classroom courses.readonly: for assigning classwork to specific courses
    • Access to your Google form: for creating interactive online worksheet
    • Access to your Google classroom courseworkmaterials: for creating interactive classwork
    • Access to your Google classroom coursework.students and classroom.rosters.readonly: for automatic grading students response to multiple choice questions and assigning grade to student's response
    • Access to script.external_request: for getting question related images from our server

    Use of all the accesses listed above are limited to the coursework you create through our service.

    To create a worksheet for your google classroom, go through the following steps:

    • First, make a new worksheet by clicking on the "New Worksheet, Quiz" link at upper left of this page, or reuse a previously created worksheet
    • Then, on the page that shows the worksheet, click the green colored Google classroom icon on upper right of the page, and select "Interactive classwork"
    • Next, grant the access to view your course list on the Google consent screen (first time use), and then select classes you would like to assign the work
    • After that, grant the access to other related google services as listed above

    The classwork created is a Google form in your Google drive with the name of the worksheet

    To grade students' response, click the "Google Classwork" link, and then select the classwork.